Topics & Material Covered

  • Handgun safety and knowledge
  • Different types of handguns
  • Identifying parts of a handgun
  • Disassembly of Handgun
  • Cleaning Handgun
  • How to pick a handgun best for you
  • ​Proper handgun grip, stance, & trigger squeeze
  • Proper sight alignment 
  • Different types of ammunition 
  • Common malfunctions while shooting
  • Proper safety equipment
  • Different types of handgun holsters
  • How to safely load and unload a handgun
  • Firing your first shots
  • Shooting accuracy 

This class is for new shooters who want to learn how to properly shoot a handgun and for anyone, who at their LTC class was timid and scared of the firearm or did not do as well as they wanted to on their proficiency test. 

Registration and Payment

A $25.00 Deposit is required for class to reserve your seat. Deposit is non-refundable. Transferable on a case by case basis. 

Once you pay the deposit for class you will be redirected to a class registration form. 

Class Payment Options

Deposit is non-refundable. Class space is limited

Basic Pistol Class Dates

​Aug. 7th     (Sunday)

​Sep. 11th   (Sunday)