Prerequisites for class: 

  • ​Firearm Proficiency Test
  • Firearm Safety Test

Both tests will be set up with the instructor and will require 50 rounds of ammunition. 

Firearm Proficiency & Safety Test:

10 rounds at 3 yards

20 rounds at 7 yards

5 rounds at 7 yards moving to 3 yards

10 rounds at 15 yards

5 rounds at 15 yards moving to 7 yards

​All rounds must be within the silhouette of a standard B-27 target. 

​Clear common handgun malfunctions: 

Stove pipe

Double feed

Squib load

Hang fire

Failure to feed

Out of battery

Deposit is non-refundable. Class space is limited

​Class requirements for Pistol and  Ammunition: 

  • Handgun
  • Ammunition (300 range rounds & 25 self-defense rounds)
  • Snap caps
  • Concealment holster
  • Outside the waistband belt holster
  • Dual magazine holster
  • Eye and ear protection

No Perfecta, Tula, Monarch, or reloads will be allowed in class. All ammo should be new, brass cased ammunition. 

Class Payment Options

Defensive Pistol Class Dates

Topics & Material Covered

  • Handgun safety
  • Weapon retention 
  • Threat scenarios
  • Engaging multiple threats
  • Active shooter
  • When to shoot & when to not shoot
  • ​Moving and shooting
  • Utilizing cover & concealment 
  • Drawing from concealment
  • ​Defensive shooting skills
  • ​Strong hand shooting & reloading
  • Weak hand shooting & reloading
  • Creating & keeping distance from threat 
  • Instinctive shooting​​